How do you use a weighted blanket?

Patients frequently ask me, “how do you use a weighted blanket?” and “what is a weighted blanket?”

HOW: Simply lay under the weighted blanket. Sit under the weighted blanket. Rest the blanket on your shoulders like a shawl. The benefit of weighted blankets lies within the consistent pressure feedback of the heavy pellets (typically non-toxic plastic). Laying under the blanket can reduce stress and calm your nervous system. Sitting with the weighted blanket on your lap can be grounding. Resting the blanket on your shoulders can provide a sense of protection and support.

WHAT: Ever noticed how calming and safe a down comforter or heavy quilt feels? Weighted blankets provide consistent neural feedback without the heat of multiple layers of blankets. Weighted blankets are typically cotton material stitched together with weighted plastic (sometimes glass) beads. I have made blankets ranging from 4 pounds to 16 pounds. I have also made blankets with flannel and minky soft fabrics to decrease skin sensitivity.

WHY: The human sensory nerves are continually sending signals to the brain. When the brain receives a consistent and safe input, the overall brain activity decreases. Think of a time you were upset and felt relief with a big hug from a loved one. Or a time when stressed that pressure on your hips or a heavy coat allowed you to breath deeply. Both are examples of how the brain and nervous system calm down with a consistent mechanical pressure input. A weighted blanket decreases the extra sensory inputs and provides the brain with a neurological break, even if only used for 5 minutes.

SUGGESTED USES for your Weighted Blanket:

  • Enhance meditation (8-12 lbs)

  • Rest and restore for 10 minutes after work (12-16 lbs)

  • Support diaphragmatic breathing and lymphatic flow, 20 minutes (6-10 lbs)

  • improve sleep, all night (6-10 lbs)

  • Decrease anxiety 10-90 minutes of use (8-14 lbs)

  • Evening relaxation for 1-2 hours (8-12 lbs)

Weighted blankets can be an integral part of your health and well being!

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